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Bad News

2009-07-12 20:40:15 by Capconami

Just Found out I cant do a collab yet.
But That doesnt mean You cant still help!

All Im looking for now is animations!

animations, animations, animations.

BTW This is for a collection of MSI Music Vids

If you have any animations just lying around, Or if you want to help me out, Message me.
Please I'm Getting kind of desperate

MSI Collab running smoothly

2009-07-12 13:00:40 by Capconami

Everything is going ok on the msi collab.
Started planet of the apes music video.
Remember! If you want to Help out, Heres Where you can.

*Music Videos

MSI Collab

2009-07-11 21:39:59 by Capconami

Started Working On MSI Collab today.
Its Gonna Be sweet!
Lookin For A Bunch of people to help me out.
If you would like to contribute, Then PM me.

BTW MSI is Mindless self indulgence