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2009-07-25 19:10:58 by Capconami

7/25/09 7:06 UPDATE

The Mindless Self Indulgence Conglomerate will be split into two peices to save you waiting on the loading screen. Also, I will only be putting 7 Videos in this One. Mainly because i want to do another next year, And the year after that. The Videos in this years conglomerate are now LOCKED This is what will be in them...
1st Half
*Planet of the apes
*Keepin up with the kids
*Bomb this track
*Step Up, Ghetto Blaster

2nd Half
*My World (Provided By Epic-Fail)
*Royally Fucked

There Will be 4 minigames, Secrets to unlock, MASS Extras, Easter Eggs, and A Jukebox

And my website is almost ready so soon, Look for the link on my profile. (You Know, Wher the site link goes.)


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